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News : A message to all fellow MACites
Published On 23/3/2020

To All Fellow MACites

Good Evening Dear Colleagues !

In the wake of an unprecedented and incomprehensible invasion of Covid-19 virus in our lives and the resulting confinement to a solitary existence, I feel like missing the warmth of your company ! In normal circumstances we always look for a break from the monotony of our job, longing for a goodbye from routine work, and crave for some 'me time'. But are we feeling same right now? No. Rather I am worried for your well being because till today my office staff were running to Pay & Accounts to ensure the bills getting passed, security personnel ensuring safety of our premises- all keeping the greater interests of our college before their own. No language of gratitude is enough to commend and acknowledge their selfless service.

Friends, keep me abreast about any inconvenience or problem, if any, emerges anywhere so that I come of any help to you.

Thank you. Stay Safe.