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News : Message to fellow MACites: monitor mental health and well-being of Students
Published On 8/4/2020

Dear fellow MACites

Please do keep in touch with the students of your departments through regular interaction with them online like social media, monitoring their health and wellbeing . Give them practical tips for a healthy life, mental as well as physical, interact regularly with them on academic matters, behavioural norms and their personal health. Video links from the Ministry of Health and Family welfare are given on our website. Please do follow up and share it with your students. Hope you are progressing satisfactorily with online theoretical classes as per departmental timetable towards completion of the syllabi of Sem 2 and Sem 4.

Please consider it as topmost priority.

Thank you.



Sharing some video links by MHFW-GOI on Mental Health and Well-being during and after the outbreak of COVID-19. You may share these with your students:

Practical tips to take care of your mental health during the stay in:

Minding our minds during COVID-19:

Various Health Experts on how to Manage Mental Health and Well-Being During CODID-19 Outbreak :

Behavioural Health : Pschyo- Social Toll Free Help Line: 0804611007