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News : Notice/28.10.20/Office of the Principal
Published On 28/10/2020


Office of the Principal

Maulana Azad College, Kolkata-13

Notice:                     dated 28.10.2020

All faculty members of this college are hereby requested to note the following:

 1. Prepare their respective UG Students for Sem-2 and Sem-4 Examinations supposedly to be held soon.

2.     Ensure progression of UG Sem-3 and Sem-5 Courses (CC, GE, SEC/DSE) towards completion of syllabi by the end of November 2020; The project works of the said students are also to be taken into account.

3.     Commencement of UG Sem-1 courses will be notified in due course. But the teachers of the respective Departments are requested to verify the documents of the newly admitted students at the time of their registration process as per the Schedule to be given by 1st week of November 2020.

4.    Teacher members of the Students’ Support Cell are requested to initiate the process of applications of all Scholarships for the Students of our college by November 2020.

5.     Teachers are requested to submit their arrear claims of pay and allowances, if any in HRMS format to the Office by 1st week of November,2020.

6.    Teachers whose CAS is due by 01.12.2020 are requested to prepare their CAS related document and submit it to the IQAC of the College by 2nd week of December, 2020.



Maulana Azad College