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News : Notice: Celebration of Independence Day 2021
Published On 13/8/2021


Office of the Principal

Maulana Azad College, Kolkata


Notice:                Dated 13.08.2021

All Teachers, Librarian, Staff and Students of this College are hereby informed that, to celebrate the occasion of our Independence Day on 15th August 2021, the National Flag hoisting ceremony will be held at the College.

Prof. Jamil Ahmed, Head of the Department of Islamic History & Culture will grace the flag hoisting ceremony at 9:00 am in the College campus.

Dr. S. M. Hashmi, Hostel Superintendent and Dr. Syed Md Iqbal Shah Alquadri, Assistant Hostel Superintendent of the Baker Govt. Hostel will grace the flag hoisting ceremony at 9:30 am in the Baker Govt. Hostel.

Everyone should maintain and follow the COVID Guidelines as circulated by the Government, which includes social distancing, wearing of masks, proper sanitization etc. at the said programme.