Maulana Azad College
Girls' Hostel
19 Hazi Md. Mohsin Square, Kolkata-700016

TheGirls’Hostel of the College is recentlyconstructed with the financial assistance from, the UGC under its XIth Plan, the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal and the financial support of MP LAD fund by Hon’ble MP Sri Sudip Bandyopadhyay.

Hostel provides an accommodation of nearly 72 boarders, all modern facilities and all safety measures (24-hour CCTV surveillance, Security Guards). Hostel seats will be allotted in accordance with the existing Government rules.

Facilities Available

Lodging: The rooms in the Hostel are three seaters (three students in a room), two seaters (two students in a room) only.

Dining: The Dine of the Hostel is run under the supervision of the Superintendent with the help of housekeeping personnel.

Security: is ensured by security guards and gatekeepers, both government and private and adequate CCTV cameras are installed in the Hostel premise.

All other modern amenities like Common Room, Library, Computer, TV are there.

Selection Procedure

  • Admission to the Hostel will be conductedstrictly throughOnline mode
  • Link to apply Online for Hostel Boardership will be available in the College Website.
  • The students will be admitted to the Hostel only after they have been admitted in the College
  • List of candidates for admission will be prepared strictly on the basis of Merit and district-wise.
  • Distribution of seats will be done on the basis of one third of the applications received from the same district i.e., Demand Ratio: 1:3 
  • Applicants from remote districts will be given preference.
  • Hostel Committee reserves the right for the District-wise Distribution of seats and its decision is final
  • At the time of physical admission to the Hostel, each student must be accompanied by her guardian/ local guardian, failing which, admission to the hostel is liable to be cancelled.

Hostel Charges

Students who have been allotted seats in the Hostel are required to pay the following charges at the time of admission.

Government Charge for Room (Annual)

Rs.     58.00

Annual charge payable (at the time of admission for U.G. and P.G.)

Rs. 1000.00

Miscellaneous (Annual)

Rs.    300.00


Rs.  1358.00

Rules and Regulations for Boarders

  • In all matters of discipline and conduct, the Hostel is governed by the rules laid down by the Education Department, Government of West Bengal.

    • Ragging in any form is completely prohibited in the Hostel.

    The Boarders of the Hostel are to abide by certain rules framed by the Hostel Committee, authorized by the Governing Body of Maulana Azad College, which are as follow:

    1. Boardership will be given to U.G. students for a maximum period of three years, and to P.G. students (P.G. students of Maulana Azad College only) for a maximum period of two years.
    2. Strict conformity to the rules of the Hostel is required of each boarder. Punctuality and regularity in hostel and silence must be maintained. 
    3. After completion of the UG/PG courses a student’s boardership automatically terminates. Withdrawal of boarder ship before completion of course has to be intimated to the Superintendent who will release the boarder on receiving all necessary clearances.
    4. Before leaving the Hostel, boarders have to clear all dues, which are verified by the authority.
    5. No extension will be provided for the dropped and failure candidate.
    6. Non bona-fide boarders are not allowed to stay in the Hostel in any case.
    7. Visitors: Only guardian/ local guardian of the boarders

Code of Conduct for Students :

  1. Breakage entails a fine according to the cost of the item broken or damaged.
  2. Use of any electrical gadgets, particularly gadgets like iron/ immersion rod/ electric heater/ induction is strictly prohibited in the Hostel campus. Violation of this rule will lead to a fine of Rs 2,000/- for first time, second time Rs 5000/- and third time cancellation of boarder ship.
  3. Boarders must not remain outside the Hostel after 10:00 p.m. on any ground. Gate will be closed at 10:00 p.m.
  4. The Dining Hall of the Hostel will be closed at 10:30 p.m.
  5. Boarders must not remove furniture from one place to another without the permission of the Hostel Superintendent. They are responsible for the orderliness and tidiness of their rooms and of the Hostel in general.
  6. Boarders must attend their college classes regularly otherwise their Hostel seats may be cancelled.
  7. The boarder shall be required to see the Notice Boarder for day-to-day instruction and guidance by the Superintendent/Asst. Superintendent.
  8. Boarders are not permitted to leave or be absent from the Hostel during sessions. However, on medical grounds or in cases of other emergencies, the duration of absence must not exceed one month. Leave will be granted only on production of a medical certificate or a letter from the guardian stating the necessity of leave as the case may be.
  9. Boarders must leave the Hostel within 48 hours after the end of their University Examinations.
  10. It is the responsibility of the guardian to shift an indisposed student from the Hostel at the earliest if the circumstances demand so. Guardian must be available in such situations. However, in case of emergency the Hostel Authorities may arrange for hospitalization.
  11. The Hostel usually remains closed during the Puja Vacation.
  12. Since the University Examinations are generally held during the Summer Vacation, extension of the Hostel facilities to the boarders will be at the discretion of the superintendent/Maulana Azad College Authorities.
  13. Any decision taken by the Superintendent/Ass. Superintendent in the interest of the hostel shall be final and binding.
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