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Department of Philosophy

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The Department of Philosophy has its foundation from the very beginning of the college with an aim to provide quality and affordable higher education for all, including the underprivileged sections of the society In the first phase, it was exclusively male student's department. After independence, the door of this department was open to all male students irrespective of religious affiliation. From 1990, the girl students were permitted to take admission in this department. This growth trajectory itself speaks about the efforts to translate the vision into mission, and to remain oriented to the needs of the changing times.

The Department has a glorious past. Many eminent scholars like Dr. Ramaprasad Das, former Vice Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, Dr. Katyayani Das Bhattacharya, Dr. Debabrata Sen, served here as faculty. Many a student of this Department earned places of importance in the society. A philosopher of the stature of Prof. Bimal Krishna Motilal, Padma Bhusan, was a student of this college.

Presently, this department with its full faculty strength operates successfully in achieving its aim and serves both men and women, many of them first generation degree-seekers from minority communities, and economically weakest sections of the society spreading higher education to the minority community and the financially weak members of the society, especially to the girl member of these domains. At present, 98% of all enrolled students of this department are coming from minority community and among them 75% are girl students. High teacher-student ratio is another noteworthy feature which enables teaching-learning process more effective. As an obvious outcome, a gradual student progression in university results has been observed. However, apart from academic commitment, students equally participate and extend themselves in various extra-curricular activities. All teachers, being engaged in different research activities, can effectively inculcate the thrust for knowledge among the students. Teacher-student relation is the watch word for this department.


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B.A. Honours in Philosophy under CBCS system of the University of Calcutta

Key Features of the Course Offered:

SEC-A: Man and Environment
SEC-B: Philosophy of Human Rights
DSE-A (1): Philosophy of Language (Indian)
DSE-A (2): Applied Ethics
DSE-B (1): An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding- D. Hume/d) Srimadbhagabad Gita
DSE-B (2): a) Swami Vivekananda/b) Rabindranath Tagore


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Learning Outcome

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The curriculum primarily imbibes a deep and reflective awareness about the world and understanding of reality as discussed in Indian and Western tradition to equip them with a comprehensive world- view.

The discipline also instils moral values amidst students making them aware about social issues including moral obligations and rights as well.

The curriculum encourages social awareness, makes them aware about its problems, inculcates the spirit of identity and oneness with other members of the society, through clarification of fundamental concepts like society, community, association, institution, fostering an inner commitment to follow the secular spirit of the Indian Constitution.

The department sincerely follows the university curriculum, significance of knowing the inner state of mind with clarity, rationality, interpretation of dreams and the scientific process of learning all of which are essential to know one's own self.

The department is also committed towards inculcating awareness about man- nature relationship, and tries to focus on the urgent need to develop an ardent respect for nature.

Moreover, special classes especially for students who confront difficulties in understanding diverse and intricate problems of philosophy are being taken care of.

The department has felt the inner need to promote outreach programs beyond the confinement of class room teaching, and visits to the ancestral home of Swami Vivekananda, Hooghly, Bandel church which surely helps to promote a healthy student-teacher relationship.

The department in its venture to facilitate students with emerging newer problems arising in different branches of philosophy organise seminars, invites different experts and lecturers which inspire students to participate in student seminars.

Wall- magazines are regularly updated and supported - all of which bear ample evidence of a healthy learning environment.

Lesson Plan :

Lesson Plan 19-20 UG :View
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Question Bank

  • Semester 2 , CC3( f) ( Indian philosophy): View
  • GE2 Model Qustions: View
  • Model Qustions for CC4: View
  • Hosper Qustion Sem-4: View
  • Inductive Logic-CC8: View
  • Semester 4 CC9: View
  • Questions on skill enhancement: View
  • Model questions GE-4, Semester-4: View
  • Model Questions of Sem1 CC1- Indian: View
  • Model Questions of Sem-1 CC-2: View
  • Model Questions Sem-3-CC-7: View
  • SEC-A(b): View
  • SEM-3 CC-5 : View
  • SEM-3 CC-5 : View
  • Sem-3 CC-6 : View
  • Model question of Sem- 5-CC-11 : View
  • Model Questions of Sem 5 DSE1c : View
  • Sem-5 DSC-b : View
  • Sem-5 CC-12 : View

Open Resources:

  • Sem2 Philo (Hons.) Course CC3 Yoga Philosophy : View
  • Sem2 Philo (Hons.) Course CC3-Vedanta Philosophy-the Concept of Maya : View



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Celebration of Indian Philosopher's Day, 2019

Celebration of Indian Philosopher's Day, 2019

Celebration of Indian Philosopher's Day, 2019

Celebration of Indian Philosopher's Day, 2019

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