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NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade
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Department of Persian

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Persian department has been functioning since the inception of the college (1926) and first Persian class started on 2nd July 1926 under the headship of Khan Bahadur Prof. Allama Raza Ali Wahshat. It has a glorious past and present. It has produced a number of eminent scholars, teachers and professors whose works have been acknowledged in the arena of arts, culture and education. Some eminent Persian scholars and teachers of this department are Prof. Abbas Ali Khan Bekhud, Dr. Haren Chandrapal, Dr. Mujibur Rahman, Dr. Abdus Subhan, Dr. Mansoor Alam and Dr. Gholam Sarwar and Dr. Tanwir Ahmed. These teachers have rendered their valuable services in this Dept. It also has the credit of producing many WBCS officers who have taken Persian as one of the subjects in the West Bengal Civil Service Examination. Many of them have brought name and fame to their Alma Mater by their administrative caliber such as Ain Rashid Khan, (Ex. IPS) Prof. Syed Manal Shah Alquadri, (Ex. Ambassador, Uzbek) Md. Samiduddin, (Ex. Collector) Zahidur Rahman, (D.M) M. A. Saeed, (WBCS) Nasiruddin, (WBCS) Jawed Iqbal (WBCS) and many others.

This Dept. was established to provide students the knowledge of Persian to get a berth in Govt. Services. Though the British had declared English as Official Language, yet the importance of Persian was effective in courts and other Govt. offices where the translators were required for work of interpretation.

Many students were absorbed in the Govt. offices such as NTRO and Defence as well as MNCs and Corporate Sectors and still the process is going on.


To produce good students for reading, writing and understanding Persian language and literature to establish the literary, cultural and trade relation between India and Persian world.


The department has the credit of producing many professors and teachers. It has also produced WBCS officers who have opted Persian as one of the subjects.

It may also be mentioned that the students of our Dept. have participated in the sports and games at state level and national level.


B.A. Honours & General in Persian.


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